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By accessing and using this website, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement (hereinafter the “TOS”). In addition, when using this website’s particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services, which may be posted and modified from time to time. All such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into the TOS. Any participation in this site will constitute acceptance of this agreement, and Russo CME expressly rejects the application of any other terms of purchase or use.


Russo CME and Morning CME (together the “Company”) provide educational seminars and materials, however the Company is not responsible for reporting the credits earned by participants when attending its seminars, online lectures, or other educational event. The Company keeps record of all credits earned in its database solely for record keeping purposes Participants’ will receive a CME certificate after completing the following steps: attend a course in person or view an online course, complete the course’s quiz, and complete the course’s evaluation. If any participant has trouble receiving their CME certificate after completion of all the course’s requirements (including the quiz and evaluation), please Contact Us and we will be happy to deliver the CME certificate(s) after verification of the participant’s completion.

Any and all reporting, record keeping, or any use the participant needs their certificate for is the responsibility of the participant. The courses that are accredited, are AMA Category 1 credits, and the Company holds no responsibility if the participant’s board, association, state or any other accrediting or licensing board does not accept or recognize these credits. Liability for any recertification or relicensing remains solely on the participant. All lectures are presented by individuals who are not employees, hired or part of RussoCME/Morning CME. The company takes no responsibility or liability for anything said in any audio, video, powerpoint, pdf document, form or any other form of information presented.

Every speaker signs an agreement to disclose any relevant financial relationship to their lecture or speaking on any off label or experimental drugs or therapy. The speakers also agree to have no commercialism in their course, as the course is for education. These courses are planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Elements, Criteria and Standards of Accreditation of the Idaho State Medical Association CME accreditation Committee through the partnership of Gritman Medical Center and Russo CME. We are not responsible if the presenter does not disclose a detail prior to their lecture or if they incorporate what could be interpreted as aspects of commercialism into any lecture. We are also not responsible if a speaker breaks our policy or goes outside of the CME’s realm. Please email us at russocme@gmail.com and report any concerns about specific lectures.

Morning CME and its components are offered for educational purposes only; The Company shall not be held responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the site, and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information.

By using this site, The Participant understands that all liability in the result from the use of Morning CME is not the responsibility of The Company (Russo CME and Morning CME). The Participant shall hold harmless and indemnify the Company againstany claim arising from the use of Morning CME or any other educational conference or material made available by the Company; these claims include but are not limited to the following: physical, psychological, emotional, financial harm, and any other tort liability; medical malpractice, or any other tort or professional liability. The Company is not responsible for the Participant having seizure, eye fatigue, or other physical/medical symptoms related to the use of Morning CME, nor for the triggering psychological or emotional conditions due to content delivered on the site or within a lecture The Company is not liable for financial consequences that the Participant may experience in the case that credits are not recognized, are misplaced/lost, causes the participant to miss work related responsibilities in order to complete courses, if the Company cannot verify that the Participant completed a course, unwanted billing due to failure to cancel membership by outlined date requirements, or any other unforeseen outcomes causing financial hardship.

Morning CME and Russo CME, are not liable if the Participant’s account is canceled permanently for confirmed or suspected misuse. The Participant is not to share their account with any person, clinic, or agency for the review of services or for the completion of educational courses. Any suspected misuse will trigger an investigation that will immediately cause a hold of services until the participant can be cleared of all misuse charges. Any confirmed misuse of the educational website can be reported to russocme@gmail.com.

Intellectual property rights

All materials published by Morning CME and RussoCME are the sole property of Morning CME and Russo CME. No materials from the websites in the form of articles, videos, the educational content of videos/lectures, the quiz questions, Terms of Use, or any other resource/information/etc. can be removed from the websites. If any Participant feels that there is an issue of possible copyright infringement, please report it to this russocme@gmail.com

Confidential information

The payment information provided by the Participant, including card numbers, the Participant’s personal phone number, and email are confidential information and the Company will not disclose this information to any third party unless duly provided with the subpoena from a Court of Law of the United States. If a breach of data occurs, the Company will inform the Participant of any data that may have been disclosed or stolen as soon as the breach is discovered.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Company and the Participant agree to first attempt to settle any claim through negotiations. The Company and the Participant agree that in the event of a lawsuit, the Law of the State of Idaho will govern and any litigation shall take place in the Courts of the County of Latah, Idaho.