MorningCME is a free resource to Accreditors. It is built on the idea that by networking together, we can help improve each other’s programs. Below is a list of the resources that are all with in an accreditor’s account:

  • Search Educational Gaps: Ability to search through evaluation results sorted by region.
  • Post and Search program and accreditation forms: Search through a database of forms that other accreditors are using. Share the forms you are using (evaluations, disclosures, honorarium forms ect.) to help other accreditors.
  • Post enduring material for free: Post accredited recorded material onto MorningCME for free. (Eventually will be able to stream live as well).
    • Individual Providers: All of your network providers will have access to these credits for free. They will have a customized dashboard that lists all of your courses on the main page. If the provider would like to earn credit for other courses posted by other organizations, they can purchase an annual $150 subscription.
    • Clinic Subscriptions: Any of your network clinics can have free access to any content you post. This allows clinics to stream your courses in and anyone who is in the room can receive CME credit for participating.
    • Reports: The website is designed for the Accreditor. We have reports that should cover all of your reporting needs including a report specifically tailored to PARS batch upload.
    • Pars/MOC points: There is a PARS .XML sheet available to download under reports in the format for PARS batch upload. If you are interested in offering MOC points to your providers or clinics, we can automatically connect it with PARS through PAR’s webservices.
  • Collaboration
    • The provider dashboard has a place to post comments to all accreditors connected to the website.
  • Create private Groups
    • You can create private group chats and collaborate with other accreditors.

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